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Tire Flys

Pro-series valve stem lights.  Extra batteries included.

Comes set of 2.

Available in Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Purple and White

PTWarehouse PRICE - $12.95

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Valve Stem Covers

Cap your wheels off with a personal 'PT' or 'Chrysler' touch.  These valve stem covers are made from solid brass then finished in either chrome or gold.  They utilize the special "O" ring seal to insure a consistent tire pressure.

Set of 4.

PTWarehouse PRICE - $14.00

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Wheel Center Covers

These easy to apply black vinyl pieces allow the cap finish to show through the 'PT' or 'GT'.
They look great and make the stock wheels stand out.
They will fit the stock wheel covers as well.
(Set of 5)

PTWarehouse PRICE - $8.00

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Wheel Lip Mouldings

These chrome wheel lip mouldings add the perfect look to your PT Cruiser wheel wells.

(Set of 4)

PTWarehouse PRICE - $89.00

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